Juxtapoz Magazine – Ania Hobson’s Defiant Day-To-Day Moments Paired with Barbara Kruger in NYC

Ania Hobson’s portraits of women, captured in moments of working day-to-day existence, stand probably in distinction to Barbara Kruger’s resounding knell of mortality. However this dialogue, involving Hobson’s new body of get the job done and the singular Kruger exhibited, reminds us that dying, love and anxiety exist experientially in each day moments, not as abstract ideas. Quotidian life overpowers symbolism, by means of the elevation of quiet human steps and times. The operate is being shown collectively now at Morgan Provides in NYC

Hobson’s perform is worried with the tension among her subject’s inside daily life and their existence in a populated room. In contrast, Kruger’s preoccupation remains famously with the instances of the globe that we inhabit, and how exterior influences such as marketing and commerce, affect and even shape the truth of the specific. Hobson’s girls can be understood as a stand-in for Kruger’s viewer, unable to escape the social conditions of the globe all around them. 

Formally, Hobson’s paintings relate to that of celebrated British artist Lucian Freud. Both equally artists share a concern with the tactile character of paint and the impasto left at the rear of from the transferring brushstroke. In contrast to Freud, nonetheless, Hobson’s portraits do not meditate on the unvarnished or borderline grotesque components of flesh, somewhat celebrating the individuality of just about every of her female subjects by means of their self-expression. 

This exhibition, as most likely any juxtaposition, is worried with moments of confrontation—occasionally overt, but for the most aspect implicit. The rigidity amongst our particular person, autonomous structure, and our automatically social character: the repercussions that our expressions have on the entire world around us, and in switch on shaping others.