Matildas vs Nigeria results; highlights and latest news; Rasheedat Ajibade’s warning to former Matildas housemates

A Matildas trio, Katrina Gorry, Clare Polkinghorne and Aivi Luik, are preparing to face former housemate Rasheedat Ajibade in tonight’s clash against Nigeria.

The quartert all lived together during their time at Norwegian club Avaldsnes IL. Although any intel on Luik won’t be beneficial because she’s been ruled out.

The Nigerian midfielder claimed she will not let her off field relationship with the trio interfere with her game plan and is ready to take on any challenges thrown her way.

“I can’t wait to see them,” she said. 

“Off the field we are friends, but on the field, sorry, it’s a football game.”

Nigerian coach Randy Waldum, who scouted a number of Matildas players during his time in US Women’s National Soccer League, said any “input” on their familiar foes will go a long way.

“The interesting thing about football is the world is very small,” Waldum said.

“Everybody seems to have a connection with everybody in some way.

“Obviously, our players will give us input on what they know about players in other teams, and vice versa … We’ve all done our homework. Any little inside edge you can get, you can pick it up from somewhere .

“That’s kind of what every coach is doing in this tournament right now, trying to find any one little nugget that can help maybe push it over the line.”