The Symbiotes Get Weird(er) This Summer In ‘Extreme Venomverse’

This May perhaps kicks off Summer time OF SYMBIOTES, an overall year of symbiote insansity! And no symbiote saga will be crazier than individuals that await in the web pages of Extraordinary VENOMVERSE, the limited collection wherever all-star talent workforce-up to introduce brand name-new symbiote heroes and villains across the multiverse!

This earlier weekend at Chicago Comic and Leisure Expo (C2E2) 2023, Marvel discovered some of the twisted terrors that will bare their fangs for the first time in August’s last concerns, Excessive VENOMVERSE #4 and #5! Confront entrance, Venomaniacs, for all the information you could have missed!

Severe Venomverse #4

•         Deadpool scribe Alyssa Wong and artist Ken Niimura unite to introduce a symbiotic superstar impressed by anime and manga who’s about to take the Multiverse by storm!

•         Business superstar Peach Momoko has a tale that will make your pores and skin crawl, starring a fearsome flora the likes of which you’ve never ever noticed! Transfer more than, Groot, there’s a NEW plant in the spotlight of the Marvel Universe, and this one’s a KILLER!

•         VENOM NOIR! You have listened to of Spider-Guy Noir – now satisfy his totemic and awful reverse as this reality’s symbiotic hive gets explored for the very to start with time by author D.J. Bryant!

Extreme Venomverse #4 cover

Extraordinary Venomverse #5

•         JEFF THE LAND SHARK Gets VENOMIZED! From the brilliant crew at the rear of It’s JEFF! Infinity Comedian, Kelly Thompson and Gurihiru put a symbiote spin on their iconic generation!

•         Hope this symbiote’s obtained a mitt and some bubble gum mainly because it is getting named up to the Main LEAGUES in a tale by by Jordan Blum!

•         And New York City’s about to get STOMPED, as Cody Ziglar proceeds his tear through the symbiotic corner of the Marvel Multiverse with a tale that’s Greater THAN Lifestyle!

Extreme Venomverse #5 cover

Each individual concern introduces yet another brilliant array of symbiotes! Test out the new handles now and never miss Extraordinary VENOMVERSE #1 when it hits stands on May 10! For extra data, go to

Photographs by way of Marvel Comics

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